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Strategic Business Analysis

The demands of today's environment require organizations to challenge whether they should or should not be in certain 'business' areas. This is the first stage of assessing organizational improvements. A key stage is to assess whether the organization's products and services are relevant and cost-effective. Once this is determined, there is a need to evaluate potential alternative organizational approaches.

The process of choice is a Strategic Business Analysis (SBA), including an Alternative Service Delivery (ASD) review.

SBA reviews are performed to:

  • define the organization/being being assessed
  • assess the relevance, success and cost-effectiveness of current operations
  • evaluate whether there are opportunities for service improvements, cost reductions, process streamlining or alternate means of service delivery

Key to the SBA review is profiling the organization and assessing its current functions, activities and operations against the organization's objectives. In this context, three broad questions are posed:

  • Which current functions/activities/services are critical to the organization's mission?
  • Are there any gaps? Are there opportunities to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and economy of these activities/services?
  • Are there viable alternatives for the delivery of activities/services currently being performed in-house?

Following is a diagram depicting the five principle stages to the SBA process: analysis, way ahead, development, implementation and verification.

The five principle stages to the SBA process

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