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Change Leadership and Management

Our approach focuses on integrating Change Leadership and Change Management, recognizing that Change Leadership is a senior management responsibility for which we provide advice and support. The Change Management is a more tactical series of activies to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved in a timely and efficient way.

The management of change involves conducting interviews with key senior staff members to assess or confirm the requirement for change, culture and environment, potential approaches to be used and perceived problems and solutions.

Following the interview process, a key feature of the assessment is the identification of the most appropriate approach(es) recognizing organization-specific culture and environment as critical.

Once the most appropriate approach is identified, we usually conduct workshops to help promote change in organizational or group behaviour. Workshops and other direct interventions are excellent methods to gain staff commitment to changes they have initiated and, ultimately, will implement, therefore contributing to the implementation and success of the Change Management strategy.

Implementation of a Change Management strategy can lead our Consultants to take on a variety of roles such as advisor, facilitator and coach using a variety of tools.

Program Analysis, Feasibility Studies and Resource Reviews are also some of the program management tools we use in the Change Management process.

TouchStone Solutions' role and staff mix can be adjusted to meet your organization's Change Management needs. Contact us and we can meet you to further discuss your Change Management options.

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