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Organization Studies
Organization Design & Development

Organization Design

Our first step in an organization study is to assess the organization's needs and determine the approaches that would best meet those needs. In some assignments, for example, we perform a technical role of gathering and analyzing data, and providing recommendations for a new organization design. In other assignments, we manage or facilitate a process of guiding the client through the data capture, analysis, selection of options, and implementation of a desired organization change.

Specific techniques used to assist in both the data capture and analysis include:

  • Linear Responsibility Charting
  • Program Logic Model
  • Service Flowchart
  • Environmental Model
  • Performance Framework

Organization Development

Organization development (OD) is closely linked to the area of Change Management. OD is used to implement changes designed to improve organizational effectiveness in the long-term.

Some of the approaches used by TouchStone Solutions Ltd. in OD assignments include:

  • diagnostic activities (i.e., collection of data, meetings, interviews)
  • survey feedback
  • education and training activities
  • workshops and team building exercises
  • process consultation
  • planning and goal setting

The initial stages of an OD assignment are to confirm the state of the organization through interviews, document reviews or meetings. Once we have gained a basic understanding of the organization, we then develop potential solutions/options to dealing with the causes.

The potential solutions/options may be developed based on the findings of interviews, document reviews or through a workshop with key individuals.

The final product of organization studies is often an Organization Change Proposal or report identifying organizational and/or alternative service delivery options with an assessment of their strengths and weaknesses based on prevalent values, and the recommended option.

Contact us to discuss your organizational studies needs. We also work with partners who specialize in Organizational Network Analysis.

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